Paint Protection Coating

Ceramic and Glass Coatings

Protective Coatings are the latest technology in paint protection, lasting significantly longer than any waxes or sealants, Protective coatings are gaining more popularity as prices become more affordable. We now have packages starting at $899 including a complete detail, decontamination, polishing of the paint and coating installation. This entry level package is guarantee* to last at least two years!

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Modesta coating
2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Wearing our
Signature Modesta Paul Dalton Private Label Coating

Modesta Coatings offers an industry leading paint protection lasting from 3-10 years. It also enhances the gloss and depth of your paintwork. All Modesta coatings are manufactured in Japan using the highest grades of Titanium Dioxide.

Max Protect

Max Protect was founded to provide a winning mixture of premium quality products and tech support for the professional car detailing industry.

Our vast experience in the bodywork industry made it possible for us to find products that worked quicker and better than anything else available at that time. Application speed was, and still is important, but we were most concerned with issues like product durability, ease-of-application and ease-of-maintenance. Many products were very good in terms of durability, but for some - maintenance, for some - re-application was an issue

We needed a system that we could use for ourselves on a daily basis. A system that could be easy to apply, required minimal maintenance, could be re-applied with minimal prep if necessary and could withstand even the worst real life conditions.

After years of trial and error we finally have it! A paintwork protection system that can be used in any climate, doesn’t require specialist equipment like IR lamps or bake ovens, works on many surfaces, including metal and plastic, is extremely durable and easy to clean.

Max Protect products are used by some of the best detailing professionals worldwide. All sharing great results and providing vital feedback on the system and application.