Max Protect Coatings

Max Protect was founded to provide a winning mixture of premium quality products and tech support for the professional car detailing industry.

Our vast experience in the bodyworks industry made it possible for us to find products that worked quicker and better than anything else available at that time. Application speed was, and still is important, but we were most concerned with issues like product durability, ease-of-application and ease-of-maintenance. Many products were very good in terms of durability, but for some - maintenance, for some - re-application was an issue. We needed a system that we could use for ourselves on a daily basis. A system that could be easy to apply, required minimal maintenance, could be re-applied with minimal prep if necessary and could withstand even the harshest real life conditions.

After years of trial and error we finally have it! A paintwork protection system that can be used in any climate, doesn’t require specialist equipment like IR lamps or bake ovens, works on many surfaces, including metal and plastic, is extremely durable and easy to clean.

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Nano Glass Coating on Paint

Nano Glass Coating for Paint - UNC v1

The original and best of its class – Max Protect Ultimate Nano Coat v1. UNC v1 is a permanent Nano-Glass coating and will bond to most surfaces of the vehicle. Paintwork, plastic trim, rubber, metal, vinyl, Perspex glass, wheels, exhausts, chrome, etc., can all be protected with a simple application of Ultimate Nano Coat v1.

It protects the surface by sealing it from the “inside” (most of the coating is absorbed by the paint or any other compatible surface it’s applied on), adds deep gloss to the paintwork and makes it incredibly easy to clean, restores plastic trim back to the original color without making it shiny. All protected surfaces are water, oil and dirt repellent and totally sealed. Perfect for hotter climates like Southern Europe, California, Middle East, etc.

Nano Glass Coating for Paint - UNC v2

UNC v2 is extremely durable Nano-glass coating with outstanding resistance to chemical attacks – salt, acid rain, heavy detergents like TFR, wheel cleaner, bird poo, tree sap, etc., will not harm the protected surfaces.

All surfaces treated with UNC v2 are totally sealed and dirt/oil/water repellent. This coating adds ultra-deep gloss with mirror like reflections, slightly darkens the paint, and improves deep scratch resistance. UNC v2 and is so superhydrophobic, some of our customers say it’s difficult to get the surfaces wet! For maximum durability we recommend to apply UNC v2 over a semi-cured layer of UNC v1, but it is perfectly fine to use as a stand-alone product.

Max Protect coating

Nano Rubber Coating for Paint - UNC-R

Once in a decade a new product emerges and astonishes the car care products market! UNC-R is the only coating in the world that turns into rubber membrane when applied in non-lab conditions and cured in room temperature!

It is the newest addition to our UNC range and has some unrivalled properties – extremely glossy and silky smooth surface with no top-ups. Ultra high resistance to chemical attacks (more resistant than UNC v2), years of durability and UNC-R increases paintwork resistance against small stone chips and washing scratches (light swirls).

Nano Glass Coating product

Nano Glass Coating for Bare Metal - UNC v3

UNC v3 is from the same series as UNC v1, UNC v2, and UNC R, but is slightly modified to perform best on bare metal. Perfect for exhaust tips, bate metal wheels (polished aluminum, chrome, steel, etc.) chrome, nickel, brass, copper or any other bare metal trim or anything else that is made from bare metal.

This product will stop bare steel from rusting, aluminum from oxidizing, and will make these surfaces incredibly easy to clean! Same as the other UNC range products, UNC v3 is permanent and can be removed only with heavy abrasion.

silk coat for automobiles

Quick Detailer & Hydrophobic Top-up

Silk Coat was originally developed as a protective layer for UNC v1 and UNC v2 while they are curing, in case you had to drive the car in rain straight after the application. But after prolonged testing we found that the extra slickness and hydrophobic properties this product added were so impressive, we decided to recommend Silk Coat as part of the coating application.

Silk Coat adds incredible smooth feel to the surface, improves hydrophobic properties and adds an extra depth and shine to the finish and has anti-static properties. Silk Coat is the only product you will ever need to maintain the UNC Range coatings! We recommend applying Silk Coat every 4-6 months on top of Ultimate Nano Coat v1 or Ultimate Nano Coat v2, or use it as often as you like – impossible to mess things up with this product.

Windscreen and Glass Coating Product

Windscreen & Glass Nano Coating

Max Protect Ultimate Glass Coat PRO is a SOLGEL based product and is best known for its extreme durability and effectiveness. Extreme durability - proven to last for up to 20,000 miles or 2 years of driving.

Extremely resistant to mechanical abrasion (wiper blades) and chemical attacks – pretty much nothing can remove this coating once fully cured. Dramatically improves visibility and improves safety when driving in poor weather conditions, especially at night time. When driving above 50MPH raindrops form into nice little water beads and the airflow pushes them off the glass. Furthermore ice, dirt and insects don’t stick to the glass and cleaning the windows is very easy.

Ultimate Fabric Coat>

Fabric and Textile Impregnation

Ultimate Fabric Coat offers long term protection for fabric seats, carpets, upholstery and any other fibrous materials.

It does this by coating each individual fiber without forming a film above the surface, which allows treated surfaces to be cleaned without damaging the coating. Ultimate Fabric Coat has very good resistance to abrasion (wear) and if applied on synthetic textiles, this product can withstand up to 20 wash cycles in a +30c wash program.

Hard water spot remover product>

Hard Water Spot Remover

Hard water stains or spots on paint, metal, plastics and glass are a well-known phenomenon. Max Protect Water Spot Remover is an amazing product that will save lots of time and headache when fighting hard water stains. It’s super powerful, yet 100% non-abrasive formula, ensures that water spots can be removed without damaging the finish even on high gloss finishes, stainless steel, glass, etc.

Water Spot Remover is super effective if used on glass. Leaves a crystal clear finish, in fact, the finish is so clean, our customers are saying the glass has disappeared! Once glass is cleaned with this product, it leaves behind a super hydrophobic effect (nonpermanent), increasing visibility in poor weather conditions.

For permanent Windscreen coating please see Ultimate Glass Coat PRO

leather coating>

Ultimate Leather Coat

Ultimate Leather Coat is a permanent, semi-shiny finish coating for leather seats and other leather surfaces.

Restores look and feel of old leather and if applied on new leather, this product will increase the lifespan of the protected surfaces and makes them very easy to clean.

Protected surfaces have a sating glow look and are super smooth to the feel. Die transfer from jeans, coffee, coke, etc. is very easy to clean off form a surface protected with Ultimate Leather Coat.

Tyre Gel>

Natural Look Tyre Gel

Does what it says on the box – a natural finish tyre shine. Ultimate Tyre Gel is significantly low consumption and is one of the most durable tyre dressings out there.

Keeps tires looking fresh for months, is not affected by heat, so even in hotter climates it won’t just simply melt off like many other silicone products do.

For permanent plastic and rubber trim restoration please use UNC v1, UNC v2 or UNC-R.

Max Protect Leather and Dash Cleaner

Leather and Dash Cleaner

Max Protect Leather and Dash Cleaner was designed to combine strong cleaning capabilities at a very mild formula. It is perfect to use on delicate leathers, like cream white, etc., but will be perfect for any other leather or dash cleaning.

Leather and Dash Cleaner leaves a super satin look surface that is very smooth to touch and has anti-static properties – dashboard cleaned with this product will stay dust free for much longer.

It can also be used as a de-shiner to remove silicone dash spray from dashboards or silicone shine from leather seats.

Alfa 4C wearing Max Protect UNC-R Pro Elite

after coating detail car after coating detail after Max Protect coating detail coating detail finished job after coating auto detail

Ferrari F12 wearing Max Protect UNC-R

Ferrari coating Coating on a Ferrari

Ferrari 488 GTB wearing Max Protect UNC-R Pro Elite

Ferrari with Max Protect Coating